FTV Nikki..


This curvy brunette is from all the way across the pond in Spain. She is about 5'5" and has nice natural curves. We started off the day with her showing up at the shoot house and introducing herself. She was a little bit shy and we could her her accent, but couldn't tell where she was from yet, that came out later in her interview. We didn't have many outfit options so we started with a strip show, with Nikki showing off every inch of her beautiful body before she put on a sheer, white corset, that only accentuated her crurves even more. After that, Nikkir decided she wanted to show us what she looks and sounds like when she has an orgasm. So, we gave her the magic wand and she went to town with it. She showed off her beautiful body as she slowly built up to an orgasm and even licked her own nipples while she did so. She fingered herself, she licked herself and she made herself cum. Strong vaginal contractions on orgasm! After that she wanted to dress up and go out in public for a nice fashion shoot and public masturbation scene, so we got her all changed up and headed out. WE went to a location that we've been to before, but there were people there so we had to be sneaky. Nikki was all for it though and showed off her flashing skills with two strangers right around the corner. She then decided to maybe hae some fun and masturbate with those people in ear shot, so we gave her the toy we'd brought and let her get busy. She slowly stripped, right there in public, pulling down her top and lifting her dress, showing us everything, before she started fucking herself. She was just getting to the good part when a lady security guard came up the stairs where we were and got a little inquisitive with us until we were asked to leave. So we left that spot, but not before Nikki git a chance to tell us about it on camera. We headed to the shoot house since Nikki didn't want to run into anymore trouble in public and she said she was going to show us even more at home. Nikki did a little anal show for us and even double penetrated herself with two glass dildos in missionary and doggy style. Nikki then jumped up to our big ten dildo and started fucking herself with that so we could get a close up shot of her vagina. Oh, by the way, she also had a lot of fun in the car while we were driving. Nikkit had a bit more fun and even used the jackhammer before we finally wrapped up on the day and sent her off back to her home. One last note: Nkki also fucked herself with an eggplant. We think you'll really like this one, she had so many strong orgasms and very visible vaginal contractions each time!