I Came In Your Girlfriend's Ass


Will Pounder spent some time with his friend Dharma Jones, and is now dropping her off at her house. Dharma invites him to come inside, but Will says he needs to get home to his girlfriend, otherwise she'll be wondering where he is. Dharma says Will can still come inside for a little bit, but Will isn't so sure that Dharma's boyfriend would be keen on the idea of Dharma alone in the house with another guy...Nade Nasty answers a knock at the door and sees that his surprise visitor is Ryder Rey, the girlfriend of his roommate Donnie. Nade says that Donnie's not here, but Ryder says she knows that - she just wants to hang out here and wait for Donnie to come home. Accepting the explanation, Nade lets her in...Tommy Pistol is upset because his girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend, Sal. Even worse is the way that Tommy found out: his girlfriend was sitting in his car when another man's cum leaked out of her asshole and got all over the seat!...Alexis Tae wishes her boyfriend a good day at work, waving to him as he pulls out of the garage. Once he's gone, she trots back to the kitchen, a satisfied smile on her gorgeous face as her purple robe sways back and forth with each delicate step. It'd be the perfect image of suburban couple-life if she wasn't hiding a dirty little secret... she's been fucking her boyfriend's best friend behind his back!